The Plotting ConfigΒΆ

Use the config file to fine-tune your plots.

Valid options:

Option Default Description
data "data"
Regular expression for values in dataset_col to
plot as scatter markers
weights None Which weight columns to use for plotting.
yscale "linear" Should y-axis be on a linear or a log scale.
lumi 1 Multiply all simulated datasets by this value.
ylabel   Give the Y-axis a title.
Control the legend placement options. A dictionary of
kwarg pairs passed directly to matplotlib.pyplot.legend()
Set the axis ranges. Takes a dictionary with x and / or y as
the keys, and a list with upper and lower bounds.
Add text to the plot. Should be a list of text labels, each described
by a dictionary containing the text and the position. All
other paramers are passed as keyword-argument pairs to


Describe the bin_variable_replacements and value_replacements options for the config.

See also

An example of a plotting config cms_public_tutorial demo repository: